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Day 25: Call your reps (again)

Today's Action: Keeping the pressure on our elected officials

(If you're reading this action on a weekend, you can make a note to do this on Monday. As we noted at the top of Day 5, even though we wrote this before the Inflation Reduction Act was passed, it is still helpful to call your reps and ask for further climate action!)

We’re back to the phones today! This is the last time we’re going to ask you to do this (but hey, maybe you’ll want to make it a habit??).

Take a few minutes to call your Senators and Congressperson. (If you don’t have their numbers, see Day 4.) We’re going to use the same script we used on Day 5, but we have an optional add-on for your Congressperson if you’d like (see the second option below).

Sample script:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY/TOWN, ZIP].

I'm calling today because I'm very concerned about the climate crisis, and I want to urge [REP/SEN NAME] to push for bold climate bills that invest at the scale of the crisis and that will cut carbon pollution in half by 2030. Thank you!

Optional add-on #1: If you want, before you say “thank you,” you can also say “… I want to urge [REP/SEN NAME] to push for bold climate bills that invest at the scale of the crisis and that will cut carbon pollution in half by 2030, including legislation that:

  • creates policies for 100% clean power by 2035 (and),

  • ends all fossil fuel subsidies and fossil fuel leases on public lands (and),

  • directs funding to communities most affected by climate change (and),

  • puts a price on carbon.”

[Reminder that these specific points are explained further in the “learn and reflect” section of Day 5.]

Optional add-on #2: For your Congressperson, you can check here to see if they’ve co-sponsored the Zero Food Waste Act. If not, when you call, you can also ask them to co-sponsor H.R.4444, the Zero Food Waste Act. (More info at the end of Day 22.)

Why this action? We’ve already discussed why we need to push our elected representatives to do much more on climate change, and why calling is particularly effective.

But why are we asking you to call them again, using the same script? Because keeping the pressure on our politicians is important! Every call gets us closer to making climate change an issue that our politicians can’t ignore.

Looking for more? If you need tips on calling, check out Day 5. Otherwise, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and take a break! See you back here tomorrow!




This is for everyone, no matter where you are on the climate action journey. 

We suggest one simple and effective climate action each day for 31 days. Do as many of them as you can, but if one isn’t working for you, skip it! You can get a new one the next day. 

Click below for more on who, what, when, where & why.


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