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Envision Template

Part of Day 1's envisioning exercise is the opportunity to dig deeper by reflecting on why and how climate change relates to you and your life, and to draw up a contract with yourself for further motivation.

Please feel free to copy and paste the template below into your own document or to simply reference it to write up your own on some scrap paper. Then, fill it out and hang it up, or save it somewhere to keep you motivated and accountable for the duration of this month of action!


First, what do you love? What are you grateful for? 

I love and am grateful for....

Now, connect what you love to why you are taking action. What does a good future on a healing planet look like for what you love? 

I'm taking climate action today so that....

Want to go deeper? Fill out the following contract to yourself:

I _________________,  gratefully acknowledge the nourishment, beauty, and wonder that this world gifts me (as mentioned above). I challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and I hereby commit to 31 days of taking small actions to make a big difference.



The Magnificent, climate-doer, ______________________.

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