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Small Acts for Big Change

Mountians and Lake

The 5 W's of 31 Days of Climate Action



(Yes, you!)

This is for everyone. We especially wrote this for those of us in the US who know that climate change is happening but feel too overwhelmed or powerless to take action. Stop thinking so poorly of yourself! You are powerful! You can make a difference! (And if you’re already a superstar climate activist, we’d love for you to join us, too.)


We suggest one simple climate action each day for 31 days. We originally offered this in January 2022. If you're reading this now, you found us later. Awesome! We're glad you're here. We had high hopes of offering daily emails after January as well, but ... we unfortunately didn't manage to make that happen. So how about bookmarking this website so you can come get your daily actions for the next 31 days? 


 On this site, we share quick and effective actions to fight climate change—as a citizen, as a community member, and as a consumer. Each action takes less than 10 minutes a day, so you can do it while waiting for your coffee to brew or for customer service to take you off hold. (But if you’re feeling like you want to do more, most days have some extra credit suggestions.)


Any little bit helps. Really! Do as many of the actions as you can, but if one of them isn’t working for you, skip it! You can get a new one the next day. This is a time to explore and make changes together. And if humanity’s perilous future isn’t what motivates you, no worries—some of these actions will help you get healthier and save money, too. Wow, action looks good on you!


You can join in any time. 

We don’t hand out tardy slips.


You found us! Hooray! If social media is your jam, you also can follow us on Instagram or Twitter, but we can't promise we'll be very active there! In fact, we probably won't be -- life is too precious to spend too much time on social media!


(The nitty gritty)

We get it, it’s easy to feel like nothing we do matters. Or perhaps you feel like we have all the time in the world. (Not worried yet? Read this.) But we cannot stress enough the urgency with which we need to act. The fate of our planet really does rest in our collective hands. There are already millions of people around the world working tirelessly to fight climate change, but they need our help to speed things up and scale them out. Without us, our government, businesses, and society cannot move fast enough to stabilize the climate for us and future generations.


So consider this your call to arms. You’ll be a hero! With your help, even something as simple as one small act a day can build a brighter future. 


Look at you, changing the world.


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