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Day 15: Enjoy a win-win leisure activity

Today's action: Finding a low-carbon way to enjoy the day

Today’s action is to enjoy a low-carbon leisure activity. Need some ideas? Take a walk or bike ride, pick up a good book, play music, do yoga, try a new recipe, listen to music, write or draw. Not interested in any of those? How about taking a nap (yes, you have our permission)?! Fall back on a favorite, or pick a new one to try.

Have fun! (And if social media's your thing, how about posting something that makes your activity look fun too?)

Why this action? As we work to avert climate catastrophe, we’re also building towards a better future -- one where we’ll live joyfully, but more lightly, on this Earth. Finding ways to live well on less carbon helps us find our way down that path. (And glamorizing low-carbon leisure, instead of high-consumption and high-carbon activities, is useful in pushing our society in the right direction.)

Also, we're halfway through the month -- you deserve some fun!!

Looking for more? We didn't add extra info or actions today (we also need some rest!), but if you haven't yet perused, we've packed the previous blog posts with extra info and actions related to each day. Take a peek! Or check out our resources page for other ideas.




This is for everyone, no matter where you are on the climate action journey. 

We suggest one simple and effective climate action each day for 31 days. Do as many of them as you can, but if one isn’t working for you, skip it! You can get a new one the next day. 

Click below for more on who, what, when, where & why.


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